Boiled Egg Diet: Lose 20 pounds in just 2 weeks


  • It should also be noted that people who make the cooked egg diet to lose up to 11 kg in 2 weeks after should be able to maintain their optimal weight without any problem.
  • Of course, like many other diets, it is vital that you stay hydrated. This means that it is vital to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day.
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  • Remember the following:
  • Junk food must be eliminated.
  • Reduce the amount of salt used or change to sea salt.
  • Sugary drinks or alcohol should be avoided, especially processed sugars
  • What is the diet of the boiled egg to lose 11 kilos in 14 days?
  • The egg diet is a diet low in carbohydrates, low in calories, but heavy in proteins. It is designed to help weight loss without sacrificing the protein needed to build muscles.
  • As its name suggests, it emphasizes the consumption of eggs as the main source of protein.


  1. Rules for the boiled egg diet
  2. These are the main rules of the egg diet:
  3. 1. Eggs are the primary source of fat and protein.
  4. 2. 1 tablespoon of butter used per egg consumed.
  5. 3. Eat at least one egg at the latest 30 minutes after waking up.
  6. 4. Egg meals should ideally be eaten every 3 hours, but no more than every 5 hours.
  7. 5. Follow this schedule even if you are not hungry, however, you only have 1 egg when that happens.
  8. 6. Cheese is allowed up to an ounce per egg. (Only real cheese)
  9. 7. A minimum of half a dozen eggs should be consumed daily.
  10. 8. Eggs will be grazed local eggs loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin D.
  11. 9. Egg consumption will cease three hours before bedtime
  12. 10. Dietary soda will allow up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less.


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