The best fitness printables to help you organize your fitness journey


The instant digital download includes 2018: The best printables to help you organize your fitness life.

Organizing and finding time to achieve your greatest goals is a challenge. That’s why I created Screenwiki printables as a complete system of home and life organization. My goal was to create an easy-to-use process to maximize my time, organize my home, my life and my business, and stay focused on my most important goals. Works! This is the same system that I use personally to run a successful business and manage my busy family.
Life can feel totally crazy sometimes. We pack a lot in our days, and it may still seem that it is not enough. “The house needs to be cleaned, I have to plan that meeting that I’m in charge of, the children need my help, and they do not even help me start the new exercise routine that was supposed to start last week … ”

In the midst of chaos, sometimes what we need is a plan, a system to turn all this madness into a manageable and organized life that leaves us a lot of time to do the things we really love.

When life starts to go crazy in my house, the first thing I do is look for a printable one. Getting all my ideas and tasks to be organized in one place helps me make sense of the chaos, prioritize, purge the unnecessary and make the most of my time.

Years ago, I started putting together a home folder filled with my organizational printables so I could easily manage different areas of our lives. When I realized that others were having the same difficulties as me in the areas of organization and productivity, I decided to share my home folder with the hope that I could help others simplify their lives in the same way that I did: The best fitness printables to help you organize your fitness journey and life.

These printables will help you organize several areas of your life, and approaches in the areas of life that seem craziest and work to organize them and make them more manageable.



What will you get:

Reach your health and fitness goals with this set of fitness planners!

I’ve personally struggled with my weight and eating habits for over 10 years- until 2015. I overcame that hurdle through carefully planning my meals, keeping a food diary, adopting new healthy habits and following regular exercise routines. With this empathetic mindset, I specifically designed this set of planners to help you ACHIEVE your fitness and health goals.

► FITNESS GOAL PAGE – Write down your goals, your action plan, and your reward.

► WEEKLY FITNESS & CALORIE LOG – Keep track of your calorie intake and calories burned through exercise.

► DAILY FOOD JOURNAL – An integral part of achieving health goals is being mindful of what you eat. Agreed by medical professionals, using a daily food journal is easily the most helpful step to a healthy lifestyle and weight control.

► WORKOUT LOG – Keep track of your workout routine and keep yourself on track to reach your fitness goals!

► HEALTHY HABITS TRACKER – You can’t reach your health and fitness goal without building new healthy habits. Set habit goals for yourself and use this multi-habit tracker to hold yourself accountable.

► WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS CHART – Record your fitness progress and watch yourself get closer and closer to your goal!

► FITNESS CALENDAR – Use this calendar to plan your workouts, map your milestones, and keep an outlook on your fitness progress.

► (BLANK) MEASUREMENT TRACKER – Since everyone has different places they’d like to measure and track, this item leaves those specific places blank for you to customize to your own fitness regime.

► MEAL PLANNER – Planning your meals ahead prevents overeating or accidentally snacking.

► GROCERY LIST – This grocery list includes 4 sections for you to categorize your shopping and make it easier!


► 4 SIZES: A5, A4, US Letter Size (8.5 x 11 in), and Half Letter Size (5.5 x 8.5 in)

► A5 Size: Includes 3 Separate Printing Options: A5 for printing on Letter Size Paper, on A4 Paper, and on pre-cut A5 Paper.

► 8.5×11 in size fits Happy Planner (Large)
Best fitness printables

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