When we go to the gym we find two types of fundamental exercises that we can do: cardio and strength.

The first will help us burn fat, improve our heart, our lungs and also reduce cholesterol, among many other benefits. While the second helps us tone muscles, gain strength, endurance and power. Therefore, the ideal is to look for a combination of both exercises to achieve a healthy body.

Many people who join the gym or have been looking for a while is to lose weight and burn fat that is left over. Therefore, we are going to talk about the best cardio exercises to lose weight. As we will see below, in addition to using machines such as bicycle, tape or elliptical, we can do other types of exercises that combine cardiovascular exercise and anaerobic exercise, which help to burn fat and tone the body

Cardio in machines

Although it may seem simple, doing cardio in machines can be complex. We have to know how to use them to burn as many calories and fats as possible. We do not work in the same way when we do a session of a monotonous rhythm that a session of high intensity or HITT altering the rhythms.


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The first thing we should know is that the most effective way to burn fat in these machines, whether elliptical, bicycle or running, is to combine the changes in rhythm and intensity. For example, if we are doing tape we will run at our maximum capacity for 1 minute and another minute without lifting and at a very smooth rhythm ..

A routine of this type of cardio exercises to lose weight would be composed as follows: a warm-up of between 5 and 10 minutes, 5 or 10 rounds of sprints plus breaks, stable aerobic exercise and several rounds of intervals 30 intense seconds and 30 break.

All this has a scientific explanation. When we work with intervals, combining a strong intensity with rest, we help to mobilize fat. That is to say, this type of work helps us burn better the fat of the hips, thighs and abdomen. After that, the stable exercise is done to burn the fat that was released in the previous exercise of high intensity. Finally, the final interval exercise has the mission of burning sugar reserves and burning calories after training.


5-10 minutes of gentle heating.

5 or 10 rounds of high intensity workouts.

20-30 minutes prolonged stable exercises.

10-20 rounds of exercises 30 seconds intensity and 30 seconds recovery.

These cardio exercises to lose weight can be done on any of the three machines or combining them. For example, you can start on the elliptical with the interval rounds, do the stable exercise on the treadmill and the last round on the bike. This will depend on our preferences.

Other cardio exercises

Many times, cardio machines are the main reason why people leave sports. They just get tired of running on the tape for several minutes. Therefore, there are other types of exercises to lose weight that help develop and strengthen the body muscles. Although, both the work in the machines and the exercises that we will see next, are perfectly compatible and a combination of both will help us to burn even more fat and obtain better results


The burpees are one of the most complete exercises. With them we manage to work almost all the muscles of the body, although, its high intensity, makes it not an exercise suitable for all people. However, with perseverance we will be able to make several series of 10 or more repetitions.


As with burpees, climbers help us mobilize all the muscles of the body. Therefore, part of the cardio exercises to lose weight more effectively. To achieve maximum performance when we work these exercises, the best we can do is to practice them at a great speed. The more intensity, the more calories we burn.


Who has not jumped when young? Now this simple exercise that we did in the schoolyard will be a great help to lose weight. Jumping rope makes us move the whole body and strengthen, especially, the legs and twins. Therefore, dedicating several series of one minute, we will burn enough calories and lose fat.


The skipping consists in ‘running’ in a static way raising the knees to the chest. This type of aerobic exercise helps mobilize all the body fat. Therefore, doing a series of 30 seconds of skippings we will lose before calories. If we want to combine it, we can do 30 seconds raising the knees to the chest and another 30 seconds with the heels to the gluteus. In addition to moving all the muscles of the legs, it will help us to lose weight.

The diet is fundamental

In spite of doing all these exercises, combining them and dedicating more than one hour four days a week in the gym, we will not find results if we do not accompany them with an adequate diet. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, in addition to doing these exercises, try to eat a healthy diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables.

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