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Top 10 fruits to burn fat fast

Top 10 fruits to burn fat fast

Powerful allies

In addition to nourishing you, fruits can be your best allies in the fight to burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

Take advantage of its powerful content in water, minerals, antioxidants and, above all, soluble fiber, which helps the body to absorb less fat. Look what you have this quality and incorporate them into your daily diet.

# 1 Apple of Sin

Not for nothing was the fruit that tempted Adam and Eve. The apple is a fruit rich in water and pectin, an ideal component to detoxify the body and melt the fat, also has a diuretic effect, provides fiber and amino acids, generates satiety and helps digestion.

According to a study by the University of Iowa in the USA, ursolic acid present in the shell helps to prevent weight gain.

Essentials in food

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet, and a sufficient daily intake could contribute to the prevention of major diseases, such as cardiovascular and some cancers.

He estimates that 1.7 million lives could be saved every year if their consumption were increased enough.

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# 2 The lemon dressing

Lemon is a fruit that should not be missing from your nutrition plan. The juice or juice of this fruit helps to liquefy the fats to be eliminated, also, it increases the lymphatic flow, the flow of the blood and reduces the cellulitis.

When mixing with hot water allows an increase in thermogenesis, the body’s process to burn calories from the other foods you consume.
Kindness of fiber

The US National Library of Medicine emphasizes that in addition to helping in digestion and preventing constipation, fiber adds volume to the diet and contributes to weight control.

A study at Tufts University in Boston showed that those on a high-fiber diet consumed fewer total calories and gained more weight.

# 3 Luminous grenade

The pomegranate juice and seeds are great allies when it comes to losing weight.

A study by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, found that eating it for 30 days is enough to decrease stomach fat cells.

The prestigious Natural Standard site reports that pomegranate could stimulate weight loss in obese postmenopausal women, although more research is needed before a conclusion can be drawn

Do you eat enough fruit?

A WHO report reports that insufficient intake of this food group is one of the 10 leading risk factors for mortality worldwide.

Its absence produces approximately 19% of the gastrointestinal cancers, 31% of the heart disease and 11% of the cerebrovascular accidents.

# 4 Juicy Watermelon

Despite its sweet taste, watermelon has low energy density, i.e. a lot of water that allows you to eat large portions without consuming too many calories, which will help you get rid of toxins and body fat.

Several studies report that watermelon contains a substance known as arginine, an amino acid that helps increase the oxidation of glucose and fats accumulated in the body.

# 5 Tempting Strawberries

Intense red, sweet and acidic at the same time, strawberries are an excellent source of fiber, are rich in water and allies perfect for control and weight loss.

Also they are full of vitamins and minerals, and its caloric contribution is very low.

To this quality is added its high diuretic power that acts as purifying the body to eliminate toxins and prevent the accumulation of rasa in the body.

# 6 Powerful kiwi

Kiwi is an excellent source of vitamin C. According to a study by the State University of Arizona in the US, people who consume adequate amounts of vitamin C can oxidize 30% more fat by doing normal exercise, as it stimulates the role of carnitine, a substance that helps cells burn fat for energy.

# 7 Grapefruit or grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins and is a very popular fruit in dieting diets because of its diuretic power.

A large grapefruit has only 104 calories and provides calcium, potassium, and vitamins, is a good source of fiber and antioxidants.

According to a study from the Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California, grapefruit contains substances that prevent the body from storing fat, in addition to improving metabolism.

# 8 Magic Blueberries

Cranberries are not only a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and fiber, a study from the University of Maine in the USA showed that consumption of cranberry (2 cups per day) for 8 weeks improved diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome and lower lipid (fat) index.

Its benefits should be due to its high content of anthocyanins, substances that help to burn fat naturally.

# 9 Delicious Pears

In addition to being rich in water, the most beneficial substance This fruit is pectin, an ideal component to detoxify the body.

A study in Brazil found that women who consumed pears were less likely to overeat and also lost more weight than those who did not.

# 10 pineapple is not only delicious,

it is also healthy and nutritious, and contains a substance called bromelain, an enzyme found in its juice and in the stem that according to the Clayton College of Natural Health, helps to burn fat, thanks to working together with other digestive enzymes to activate the metabolism and eliminate fat without letting it accumulate.

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10 fruit secrets to burn fat fast

5 Ways to Firm Up After Slimming

5 Ways to Firm Up After Slimming

Flabby Skin After Slimming Lowering your weight and seeing the results of the great effort you’ve made is one of the best motivators out there.

The week the week you did exercise, you improved your nutrition, you added some healthy habits to your life and FINALLY, see the results.

But Oh-Oh …

On the one hand, the clothes leave you much looser, you have the energy to spare, and you feel much better about yourself … but you notice that now you have flabby skin that hangs on some parts of your body.

What happened?

Is it going to stay this way forever?

Am I going to have to operate to get rid of this?


Today I will tell you the reasons why this happens, how you can reaffirm the skin and some tricks that will allow you to eliminate this problem.

Why does the skin become flabby after losing weight?
What you must first understand is that the skin is probably the most stretched organ in our entire body. As we grow, the whole skin becomes more elastic at the same time as it is regenerating, a process that is affected by the way we treat our skin and our body in general.

When we lose weight, and especially when we lose weight quickly, we give our skin very little time to adapt to the new shape that your body now has, resulting in that “surplus” skin you have now.

Also, if you lost weight through a restrictive diet where you did not give a good balance of nutrients to your body and did not moisturize well, the result may be skin more flaccid than you expected.

How to Firm Up After Slimming

As I told you before, you do not need to be depressed for this. Your skin is a living organ, and as such, it will eventually adapt to the new body you have now, and to speed up this process, here are several tips.

1. Lose Weight With Calm – woman-exercise

Those strict (and crazy) diets that lastly limit your intake of certain nutrients, coupled with long and excessive exercise routines, can contribute to losing not only fat but muscle, which will affect the quality (and elasticity) of your skin.

As I said before, the best way to lose weight and allow you to keep it for life is where you incorporate healthy habits little by little, so that you and your body are adapting to the new lifestyle. Depending on your dedication and your abilities this may take more time, but it is the most effective way to achieve lasting results.

So, lose weight, so you do not lose more than 2 kilos per week (and that’s enough), but the ideal to prevent flaccid skin, is from half to 1 kg per week.

Also, make sure you do not do thousands of hours of cardio (my recommendation is no more than half an hour) and focus more on strength and intensity exercises that will help you strengthen your muscle tissues (as opposed to losing them).
If you’re not used to doing weight-lifting exercises, you can start with body-weight exercises.

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2. Make sure you stay hydrated

drink water
The old saying of taking 2 liters of water per day is not a myth. To maintain and improve the elasticity of your skin, make sure you stay hydrated all the time.

How much water exactly should you drink?

The rule of 2 liters per day is elementary, but ideally, you take 1 liter of water for every 30kg of body weight you have.

So if you have 90 kilos, then try to drink about 3 liters a day. If you have bad hydration habits, see it improving gradually. Do not try to take that 3 liters of a single.

Otherwise, you’ll think you’ll never get it.

Start by having a bottle of water near you, at the desk, in your living room or in your car, and be sure to accompany your meals with a good glass of water.

Remember that not only can you keep your body hydrated with water and tea, you can also help with the fruits and vegetables you consume throughout the day.

Needless to say, soda, fruit juices and energy drinks do NOT count ?

3. Limit Exposure to the Sun

The sun is the best (and almost unique) source of vitamin D. There is nothing better than going out and having our lunch under the sun.
BUT … Too much exposure to the sun can damage your skin and make it more flaccid than it already is.

Besides this, do not even think about going to one of those artificial tanning booths. Not only does it look horrible (in my humble opinion) but it will affect the health of your skin much more.

Extra Tip: If you also suffer from dry skin, you can take advantage of the power of food and apply this cream based on natural ingredients.

4. Add Lean Protein to Your Diet

By making sure you consume lean protein sources every day (especially if you exercise), you are helping your body to create muscle tissue, which will help you look more toned by strengthening the inner tissues of your skin.

Also, by eating high-protein foods like turkey, salmon, eggs, cottage cheese and legumes, you will give your body it’s good 2 components that will keep your skin strong and elastic.

Also be sure to give your body a good dose of protein after your strength training since what you give your body in the next few minutes to train, will influence a lot on how your tissues will recover.

Sometimes the easiest and most practical is to take a protein shake, it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare it and you make sure not only to consume a good source of protein but a good source of carbohydrates, both will help you recover faster and give you energy.

How much protein should you eat? Very easy. If you are a woman, do your best to consume one serving of protein per meal. If you are a man, 2 servings. One serving of protein equals the palm of your hand. Simpler could not be.

Do not Forget About Fruits & Vegetables Many of the diets that have come out in recent years that in some cases give results faster than normal, do so through diets where the consumption of some nutrients (for example, protein) increases and Decreases that of others (such as fruits and vegetables).

Terrible mistake. Learn this: A diet that restricts consumption of fruits and vegetables is not a good diet, and you should NEVER follow it. Not only should you make sure you eat vegetables and fruits every day (yes, fruits too!), You should try to consume up to 10 servings per day (not the usual

5). And for the record, one serving is a medium fruit/vegetable or half a cup of chopped fruits / vegetables.

This optimal consumption of vegetables and fruits will ensure an ideal intake of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water (as I told you earlier ), which will not only help you to burn fat in a healthy way, but will help you to keep your skin firm and healthy for a longer time.

To End, I am sure that when implementing all these tips, you can reaffirm the skin after losing weight. However, I give you an extra tip: Have patience.

You lost weight, and with good luck, your lifestyle changed for the better, now just be sure to follow these tips, and you will see that your skin will adapt your new body. When will this happen? It depends a lot on your body, your age, your gender and how well you take care of your body.

Therefore, be patient. Of all these tips, I recommend that you pay special attention to the first one.

I know what you would like to find out how to lose all the extra weight you have with minimal effort and from one day to the next but it is not the healthiest way to do it.

If you want to lose weight, change your habits slowly. Learn to improve your diet, to hydrate properly and to improve your level of physical activity as the weeks go by.

This will help you:

1. Adapt your mind to the new way of life. Adapt your skin to the new body you have. Do not fall into a rebound effect when you “finish” the diet.

And if you are very serious about losing weight, you must try a Free weight loss kickstart, nothing to lose, and all the world to gain.

5 Ways to Firm Up After Slimming

10 fast Ways for Tummy Lowering

10 fast ways for tummy lowering

Almost anyone who wants to lose weight is obsessed with the first thing that grows and the last thing that disappears.

Belly. Many who have ever tried to lose weight have inspired their actions in a bulging stomach, or rather not having one.

And is that a flat stomach is a great source of trust for many, at the same time that can be the source of much misery or at least embarrassment in others.

I like to see more of a health issue, as lowering the belly quickly reduce the risks of many diseases. In fact, a large belly is a common indicator of health risks. But we can solve it, let’s see how …

10 Ways to Lower Your Tummy Fast

Here are some ways you can implement to start seeing results, use the ones you want, or use them all.

1. Remove or minimize as much sugar as you can

Sugar contains empty calories. It will give you energy, but no nutrients or fiber. It’s the kind of calories you do not notice, it’s those imperceptible calories that at the end of the day or week will add up to hundreds, maybe thousands.

But also sugary foods will trigger your insulin levels, a powerful hormone for fat accumulation that promotes the special accumulation of fats in the belly.

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2. Avoid liquid calories

Liquid calories are all beverages that contain calories. They may be milk or fruit juice, but so are soda and sports or energy drinks you drink. Liquid calories are processed by the body while requiring minimal digestion.

This calorie spike anyway is an excess of calories that your body usually accumulates as fats. And as soon as they accumulate in your belly you will really feel hungry again.

It´s like sugar you will not even notice how many calories you consume from your drinks, and how many of them will go to your belly. If you want to drink something Drink water…

3. Understand how a combination of fat, sugar, and alcohol affects the metabolism of fats

You have to understand that this combination will react in your body in the worst way. It is the ideal combo to accumulate fat in the stomach.

When consumed together, or at least two of them are present, your body will increase its tendency to accumulate fat. Simple, and unfortunately effective.

4. Not having breakfast will make it harder to lower tummy

This is not another nice way of saying that you please have breakfast as your mother would tell you. Research shows that if you skip breakfast you actually increase your tendency to accumulate fat in the belly. Breakfast is essential, because after many hours of not eating, this food sends the message to your body that you are not going hungry, so do not trigger the mechanisms of fat accumulation.

It is quite the opposite, at breakfast you are giving your body the signal that it is lit, that it begins to burn fuel (food).

If you do not eat your body, you will have the slightest opportunity to switch to a mode of fat accumulation, and once this has happened, lowering your belly will be a much greater undertaking than it should be.

So do yourself a big favor and get up 15 minutes early, not an hour or two, fifteen minutes before breakfast for something healthy, will you?

5. Have 5 meals, or 3 main meals and 2 snacks

This is like assuring your body that you will have a steady and consistent food supply. Your body not only will not activate the mechanisms of fat accumulation but will do the opposite and keep your metabolism running at its best.

The irony of this is that your body will be able to lower your belly quickly if you eat every three or four hours.

The warning, of course, is that you eat healthily. Because if you eat foods dense in calories what was first a trick now will be a dagger in the back and you would be doubling the number of calories, fattening the belly instead of lowering it.

Digestion is a process and requires a lot of energy, and by eating regularly, you allow your body to be more efficient by burning calories.

6. Sleep 8 hours every night

One would think these are old and outdated tips. Having breakfast, sleeping, eating … but actually getting the right sleep for your body every day is extremely important if you want to eliminate belly fat.

You can eat well and exercise daily, and so on and so do not lose weight if you lose sleep.

7. Sleep less than six hours, and instead of losing weight you will begin to gain weight.

All bodies are different, as are our daily activities and lifestyles. But you should get enough sleep based on all of the above.

The common thing is that the number of hours that are needed varies between 6 and 8 hours. Be aware of the binge of the weekend

8. Many people are extremely careful with their diet and are diligent with exercise throughout the week.

And so on and cannot lower their tummy. Reason can be hidden behind the binge of the weekend. It is okay to indulge and eat one or another tricky meal on a Saturday night or a Sunday, but if that food contains all the calories you have saved in the week, all the effort will have been in vain, at least to lower it. belly.

9. The discipline of the week is spent at the weekend.

Or at least watch the amount of what you eat on the weekends. Look for foods that are not calorically dense. You probably saw it coming, but you will not lower your belly with beer, hamburgers, pizzas, chips, and tails.

You really have to eat healthy to lower your tummy naturally. It is not a whim of nutritionists and specialists, it is what works.

It is not obligatory to finish the whole dish Contrary to what is said you do not have to finish your whole dish if you have been satisfied before. Of the one hundred percent of your level of being satisfied, eats only 80%.

The portions today are excessively large, and the tendency is to eat everything on the plate regardless of our level of satiety.

Try smaller dishes, or if you go out to eat outside eat half of what they serve you. You may be eating calories you do not need …

10. The combination of good diet and exercise will double your speed to lose weight.

If you just diet you are missing out on an immense opportunity to lower your tummy. And most likely, as soon as you finish, you begin to regain lost weight.

The solution? Eliminate the concept of diet from your mind and install the one to eat healthier while at the same time you increase your levels of activity.

You do not have to move to the gym to get it, simply by increasing your activity levels compared to the current ones and you will be getting improvements over time.

And since if you apply and plan both, a good exercise program together with a good diet plan, there is where your tummy will shrink as fast as it is healthy, twice as long as if you just diet, and with permanent results.

I recommend you to try as well a Free weight loss Kickstarter program, you can get it here.

I hope you implement these steps, gradually and gradually begin to experience a great improvement in your nutrition, health, encouragement and of course in your physique. See you!

10 fast ways for tummy lowering

3 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Sciatica

3 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Sciatica

Sciatica, also known as sciatica, neuritis sciatica, is a term that refers to an intense pain in the leg that goes in the hand with a possible tingling, weakness or numbness that begins in the inferior part of the back and it crosses the gluteus and the major sciatic nerve in the back of the leg. Sciatica is not a disease by itself, but rather a symptom of another health problem. Continue reading for your causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Causes of Sciatica
Sciatic Nerve Impingement

This occurs when there is pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve, which starts in the lumbar region and runs through the back of each leg.

The function of this nerve is to control the lower leg region and the muscles of the hamstring, i.e., the back of the knee. It also gives sensitivity to the back of the thigh, to the sole and the lower leg.

The most common causes of sciatica are lumbar disc herniation, diarthrosis, lumbar canal stenosis, piriformis syndrome (pain that compromises the piriformis muscle in the buttocks), isthmic spondylolisthesis and dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint.

According to the experience accumulated by HHP during all the years that have been treating this and other chronic ailments, we have been informed that men between the ages of 30 and 50 are the most prone to suffer from sciatica.

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What are the symptoms of sciatica?
Sciatica Pain

The pain can vary, and many people feel a slight tingling or a burning sensation, while others feel pain so intense that it precludes their movements. Generally, sciatica pain occurs on one side. Some people may have pain in one part of the leg and numbness in other areas.

This pain can also be felt on the sole of the foot or on the back of the calf, resulting in a weakening in the leg and causing the foot to become stagnant on the floor when walking. Sciatica can start slowly and worsen when you cough, laugh or sneeze, as well as after sitting or standing, or walking several blocks.

Treatment for sciatic pain
Align column

Because sciatica is a symptom of another problem, it is important to identify the cause and treat it. Nonsurgical pharmacological treatment tends to be one of the most employed. The doctor may also advise applying heat to the place where the pain occurs to reduce symptoms and inflammation.

A very effective treatment that is being generalized in recent years is Andulation therapy, which is very effective, too, for those people who suffer from sciatica. It is a non-aggressive treatment, through a stimulation of temperature by deep infrared heat and mechanical vibrations that provide a great improvement for these patients.

Physiotherapy exercises is another type of complementary aid to Andulation therapy, although it will depend on the specific cause of sciatica, as well as on various factors, such as the general physical state of the patient and the level of pain.

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3 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Sciatica

10 Best Ways to Lose Abdominal Fat and Sculpt Ab

10 Best Ways to Lose Abdominal Fat and Sculpt Ab

It’s not difficult to have a healthy body, all you have to do is be consistent and keep in mind some secrets besides exercise.

1. Increase your cardio

You exercise daily, but you are very disappointed because you do not see positive results. Do not worry, just increase your cardio. Cardio can help you burn many calories in a single routine and burn fat throughout your body, including your belly.

2. Squeeze your abs

One of the easiest ways to tighten them is to contract them for 10 -15 seconds, release and relax. Do this exercise at least four times a day, and you will notice incredible results. The good news is you can do this everywhere – at work or when you’re in the supermarket line.

3. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily

I know it can be hard to drink enough water on a daily basis, but you need to stay hydrated. Water hydrates you, releases toxins from your body and helps decrease swelling. Take 10 to 12 glasses of water daily become a habit so you can have a flat stomach and sculpted abs without the need for special appliances.

4. Leave the sugar

Refined sugar, which is usually found in cakes, cookies, and in most processed foods, can cause bloating and is not good for your health. Sugar is very addictive, and I know very well how difficult it is to quit. However, if you want to improve your health and have sculpted abs, remove the sugar from your diet.

5. Make irons

The iron is one of the most effective exercises for the total strength of your body and can also help you to sculpt your abs.

Take care of maintaining a correct shape, with the body in a straight line from head to toe.

It starts with 30-40 seconds, and then try to increase the time. You do not need any artifact or machine to achieve sculpted abs. Just try it and see the results!

6. Do more abdominal exercises

Plaques, abs, and obliques are just a few of the most effective exercises that help you lose abdominal fat and sculpt abs. To reach your goal, try doing more abdominal exercises and be sure to stick to a clean diet and lead an active life.

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7. Avoid snacks late at night

Staying up late watching things online or watching your favorite show can make you go for unhealthy snacks.

And even if you eat healthy snacks at night, you can still be growing your waistline. Get dressed earlier to avoid late-night snacks and to lose belly fat. Night snacks can ruin your diet and even disturb your sleep during the night.

We break the coconut every day more when it comes to working certain areas of our body.

The abdomen is one of those more complicated parts of defining and to look the typical six-pack we must take into account other aspects of our diet routine.

If you are one of those who cares about your abdomen, we will advise you to continue reading these three simple exercises to work the front of the core like never before.

And if you already knew them, take a tour of some of the advanced exercises for the core that we have offered.

This summer’s barbecues, outings with colleagues or studies, relaxing trips with the couple, etc.

All this has made your abdomen no longer look like before the holidays. September is the month in which the number of gyms increases significantly (as in January).

Therefore, and so that your money does not fall on deaf ears, we are going to teach you a simple and short session so that you realize each day of training and you get a crunch of infarction.

And if it does not convince you, you can try some tips to look flat without going to the gym.

8. Knee to the sky

This movement tries to work the oblique area of the abdominals. Exercise is nothing complicated and can be done by anyone.

The initial position will be that of being with the trunk leaning forward and with one leg placed in front of the other.

The front knee should be slightly bent to help the next push. At this point, the rear knee should be unlatched forward to be bent at hip height.

The arms will also help this impulse by starting your way up from the top.

Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds with both legs and no breaks.
Side plate with lift

It is a matter of making a lateral plate always supporting with the forearm and stabilizing the shoulder of the support arm to balance the posture.

It will be a shoulder job, oblique abdomen, and abductors. Supporting the outer side of the foot and raising the other leg at the same time.

The arm that is loose we can raise it to the sky or support it in our waist at all times.

9. Make 30 elevations with each side and without breaks.
Crunch on L

In this exercise, we try to work the anterior rectum of the abdomen and the oblique.

The L-shaped abs are characterized by raising our legs to the sky and tilting our trunk from the ground.

On this occasion, we will raise a single leg to the sky and bend the knee in 45º leaving the other leg stretched forward and about 5cm separated from the ground.

The movement will be the same as in the first case: raise the trunk and stretch the arms forward to propel and balance during exercise.

We will do 30 repetitions with each leg elevated and without breaks.
Looking good abs is not a simple task and less after the summer we have stuck some.

Therefore, we only want you to do any of these exercises (if not all of them), and tell us how you have gone and if you need any help with the technique of execution.

10. How to Lose Belly Fat Easy – Easy Workout to Lose Weight In 7 Days (VIDEO)

Looking for an easy workout to lose weight in 7 days? We have some tips for you on how to lose belly fat easy with simple and effective exercises, plus moderate diet tips to go along. Watch the video now to learn more

I want to share you this Free weight loss Kickstarter guide, click here to get it. And if you know any other exercise that has been effective in your particular case, do not hesitate to recommend it in the comments

10 best ways to lose abdominal fat and sculp ab

5 Night Exercise Secrets to Lose Weight

5 Night Exercise Secrets to Lose Weight

A great way to lose weight is exercising at night.

Whether you go to the local gym to lift weights or just take a walk around the neighborhood, you’ll burn calories to help your weight loss goal.

Getting the proper nutrients when you train at night is very important. Many people are not sure if they should eat at night before exercising. Combine some basic exercise strategies with some diet tips, and you can lose weight fast by exercising at night.

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Eat a portion of serum protein before going to the gym or other exercise activity. When serum protein is digested very quickly to give your body a supply of amino acids, which repair muscle tissue. Fifteen to twenty grams of protein will have ready your body to build muscle and burn fat.

Do resistance training to burn more fat. Weight training burns fat while you’re exercising, and also increases your metabolism rate for up to 48 hours.

Night training can help relieve stress and relax after a long day of work. Since the body repairs muscles while you sleep, training at night can decrease muscle soreness the next day, given its proximity to bedtime.

Add cardiovascular training to your routine, right after your resistance exercise. The author of “Combat the Fat,” Jeff Anderson calls this “super cardiovascular exercise” because it directly targets body fat.

Or you can add extra cardiovascular exercise sessions at night to increase fat burning. Cardiovascular exercise is cumulative, so you could do one short session in the morning and then another at night instead of doing a long exercise.

Can read: How to lift your butt with simple training

Make sure you get some nutrition for after exercise. If you exercise and then go to bed without eating something, your body will not have nutrients to repair damaged muscle tissue.

If you do weight exercises, take 30 to 50 grams of protein, 60 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of healthy fats. For cardiovascular exercises, you do not need extra carbohydrates but keep the proteins and fats, which will help the body repair itself and burn more body fat.

Stretch well after exercising at night and spend some time sitting still and practicing deep breathing before going to bed so your body can go into sleep mode.

Experiment with the amount of time you need to be drowsy. Make sure you have at least seven or eight hours of sleep to recover correctly.

Having an insufficient sleep will inhibit the body to burn fat and build muscle, and the lack of sleep will also minimize your energy for the next day, especially if you stay up late exercising.


If you suffer from insomnia before starting to exercise at night, exercising may exacerbate the problem.

It is essential to make adjustments along the training planning, it is great to lose weight but getting enough sleep is imperative

5 things to do at night to lose weight (and they are not eating less)

We want to lose weight quickly, but what we must do is change our habits, especially the night. We suggest what to do before bed

It’s very easy to get home and hop on the couch desperately to see our favorite series or devour any app with fictional content, but if you want to lose weight, you must change your habits from this night and restructure everything you do to change and lose weight.

Not only is it a matter of taking care of your food at dinner time, which is also very important to not take extra kilos, but there are a series of “rituals” before going to bed that will help us get rid of that unwanted weight that bitter our life.

Food you should not eat at dinner:

Prioritize salad

Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day if you want to lose weight. We tell you which ones you should not take before going to sleep

Night training

How lazy to put on exercise at night, right? In addition, many will think that doing so at that time will activate them and cost them more sleep, but fortunately, it is not so.

A survey conducted by the US National Sleep Foundation found that between 56 and 67 percent of people performing physical activities at night slept much better, regardless of when they did the exercise.
In addition, performing physical exercise at night will relieve your stress after a long day at the office.

Running for 20 minutes increases the production of endorphins, which has been sweating the accumulated tension after a hard day at work. It may seem that running day and night is the same, and the truth is that it is so if we are practicing the same sport, but the conditions change and we have to prepare.

Prepare the food

Eating out can become very expensive and nothing healthy. Food in restaurants contains more than twice as many calories as should be consumed in a single session according to a study conducted in the

Archives of Internal Medicine, so eating out becomes a negative choice if what you want is to lose weight. Prepare your menu at night before bed, rationalize portions and make a healthy lunch for noon.

Drink a lot of water

A team of German scientists has shown for the first time that, as popular tradition asserts, drinking water slims.

The research, conducted at the Charité University Clinic in Berlin, and published in the June issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says that water intake reinforces the effects of a slimming diet.

Drinking half a liter before bedtime will help you lose 500g without making any kind of effort.

May the darkness take over you

Make sure your bedroom is very dark. Melatonin is a natural hormone that secretes the human body and reaches its highest levels at night due to the absence of light.

It fulfills a fundamental sleep induction function for our biological clock. Spanish scientists have found that consumption of this hormone helps regulate weight gain because it stimulates the appearance of “beige fat,” a type of cells that burn calories rather than store them

Regulate the thermostat

According to data from the British National Institute of Health, maintaining the ambient temperature at no more than 19 degrees Celsius helps eliminate 7% more calories than if we let ourselves be guided by the classic 21 degrees.

You will not freeze, and you will get your body to see the need to burn fat to keep your body temperature within normal. In addition, according to another study published in ‘PLoS ONE, holding a shower under ice for just 30 seconds radically activates our brown fat (a type of fat that we have and that makes us lose weight) to the point that we could burn 400 calories extra while we sleep.

“Be sure to stick your head under the tap: in the back of the neck and shoulders is where more brown fat is stored,” Edward Lane recommends in Men’s Health.

Night Exercises for Flat Belly

Would you like to have a flat belly without leaving home and without spending much time? Do not miss this excellent nighttime exercise routine to achieve the belly you so desire.

To have a flat stomach and look a more stylized figure you no longer have excuses.

No need to have hours of free time, enroll in a gym, learn sophisticated techniques or buy expensive machines. Working the abdomen and getting a flat stomach is a task that you can do easily at home, without investing much time and taking advantage of for example the night hours in which you will surely have no commitments.

With the following workout routine you will be able to start a very simple work to get a flatter abdomen and fight the localized fat that affects us so much in this area of the body. Obviously to see the results it is very important to be frequent with the exercises and supplement them with a healthy diet.

Nocturnal exercises to work your abdomen and get a flat belly

As what we are looking for is to achieve a flatter belly and eliminate that accumulated fat that does not allow us to meet our goals, the idea is to focus on working the abs and exercise frequently. Keep in mind that the more muscles in the abdomen you commit, the results will be more effective and visible.

1. Abs in a straight position:

To perform these abs you should stand in a straight position and with the tips of your fingers you flex like wanting to touch your feet but not bend your knees. At first, you may not touch your feet, but the idea is to stretch your fingers while doing your abs.

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Night Workout Routine for a Flat Belly

2. Sit-Ups:

These types of sit-ups may require a little more effort, but they certainly give us excellent results. To put them into practice you should lie on your stomach and put your hands on the back of your neck to have a checkpoint. Accommodate your feet in an object, so that you can hold your feet while lifting half torso and head to work the abs in reverse.

3. Elbow to alternate knee:

To continue with your routine you should lie on your back on the floor, with your hands on the back of your neck so that your elbows are wide open. Then flex the right knee to the chest and insert the elbow of the opposite arm while raising another leg stretched to 45 degrees. Repeat on the other side and do at least 15 repetitions per leg.

4. Hip lift:

Again lie on your back with your legs stretched so that you form an “L” with your body. Place your hands behind the back of the neck for a checkpoint, contract your abdomen and begin to raise your hip about an inch off the floor.

Make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed while doing this exercise. Slowly lower and perform about 15 repetitions.

5. Arm and Leg Raise:

To finish your exercise routine to get a flatter abdomen, lie on your stomach with your body stretched from hand to foot, so your arms are stretched tightly over your head.

Contract the abdomen and start raising your right arm and your left leg at the same time. Try to hold this position for a few seconds and then do the same with the opposite arm and leg.

I hope you implement these steps, gradually and gradually begin to experience a great improvement in your nutrition, health, encouragement and of course in your physique.

And if you are very serious about losing weight, you must try a Free weight loss kickstart, nothing to lose, and all the world to gain. See you!

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5 night exercise secrts to lose weight

How to Improve Your Feeding in 5 Simple Steps

Weight loss secrets

I think we have all gone through a period in our lives where our diet has reached the limit of the ridiculous, and we realize that we must improve our diet.

It is that time where we do not care what a cookie is made of, what kind of food the cow had from which the milk was taken for the cereal in the morning, or was in the restaurant we ate anything, so long as we had something in the stomach.

For me, that time was during my college years.

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Unintentional fasts, cereal-based breakfasts with a cockatoo on the front page, slippery sandwich lunches accompanied by Coca-Cola, Doritos and chocolate bars.

I told you … ridiculous.

All this happened the bill to my body and did nothing but worsen gastritis I already had, I got sick every 1 or 2 months and as if that were not enough, that belly that had grown over the months.

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Luckily, after I finished college I started to work, and there I could normalize my habits a bit, not because I wanted to, but because getting rid of those late nights and having a “stable” schedule of 8 to 5, helped me inadvertently normalize a little my meals.

But it was not until 4 years after I finished the ‘U’ that I realized that I had to remedy things and start looking after myself much more than I was doing.

Today, 3 years and a nutrition blog later, I can say that I have improved my food by 300% … or something similar

I only get sick a couple of times a year. Gastritis appears only when I make bad food choices, and my belly has decreased a lot (but I’m still fighting!)

Not to mention that I have more energy, I enjoy my life more, and I have influenced not only hundreds of people with the blog but also many of my friends, family, and even colleagues.

So, if you want to improve your diet, I will recommend following a series of 5 steps that helped me to achieve it. They are a summary of what I did in these past 3-4 years, with many trials and errors, many proven food styles and many “gurus” of nutrition through.

So, let’s get down to business.

How to Improve Your Feeding in 5 Steps

1. Do not Take Calories

Drink-more-water One of the biggest causes of obesity and diseases like diabetes is the high (and sometimes exaggerated) consumption of sugary drinks.

Soft drinks, boxed/bottled fruit juices, cold tea, energizing drinks or flavored milk. Sugar, sugar.

Very rich of course, but do not take more than calories with no nutritional value, which raises blood sugar, facilitating the mass storage of fat in your belly, legs, arms, etc.

That’s why the first step to improving your nutrition is to minimize your intake of sugary drinks and focus on taking more water throughout the day. You can help yourself by drinking green tea, black tea or some other you like, EXCEPT cold tea from those sugary ones.

The basic requirement is to take 2 liters of water per day; you can start there. But if you want to do it ideally, try to drink 1 liter of water for every 30kg of body weight. But do it progressively, little by little, because you take 3 liters of water if you’re not used to it, I tell you … it’s nothing nice.

But in summary, this is the important thing: Take More Water.

2. Eat Integro

Whole foods mean whole or single-ingredient foods. They are foods or foods in their natural form, which have not been altered in any way by man and are consumed in the way that nature produced them (or the most similar to this).

For example: bananas, eggs, spinach, corvina, almonds, onion, pineapple, etc. You understand the idea.

If you want to improve your nutrition, you should focus on consuming the vast majority of your food in its natural form or as close to it as you can.

It does not mean that you have to eat a raw fish, but at least alter it in the least possible way (not processed); The same goes with vegetables, eggs, and other sources.

You can roast them, boil them, steam them or finely grind them in olive or coconut oil.

When you have control over what you eat and how you are prepared, you have direct control over your body, your health and the positive results you will have.

The important thing is that you control what you eat, not that someone else decides what goes into your mouth

Also, when you eat foods in their entirety, you are getting more nutrient density and lowering some empty calories you consume. This means that you will consume more vitamins, more minerals, more fiber, more water <- and that is very good.

So when you go to the supermarket, do your best to fill your cart with fruits, vegetables, vegetables, nuts, meats and eggs (if you eat them) and avoid everything that comes in a box, bottle, package, or can, as they are typically processed foods or have some unhealthy alteration that is out of your reach.

You can cook them, of course, but try to do it lightly, such as steam, boiled or grill. If you want it or need to do in skillet or similar, cook with non – hydrogenated oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil … which brings me to the next point …

3. More Good Fats,

The word FAT was only synonymous with fat and disease. But as you should know (at least I hope:]), there are good fats and bad fats.

Bad fats are what are known as trans fats. This is the type of fat present in typical hydrogenated vegetable oils for cooking, such as corn oils, or oils used to enhance the taste, texture and life of many processed shelf foods, such as cookies, cakes, or frozen pizza .

This type of fats raise bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol in your blood, increasing the risk of heart disease, obesity and even diabetes. On the other hand we have good fats (and feel good because

I want to emphasize that they are good). like monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats … and saturated fats.

To talk about all these fats could even create a half-book, but what you need to know is that these types of healthy fats are the ones that provide you with a large number of benefits, including – Reduce the risk of heart disease – Reduce the risk of cancer – Help prevent and fight depression – Give you more energy – Improvement of skin health- Speed up your metabolism.

ot many people have the idea that saturated fats are bad, but it’s totally wrong. What is bad is to have an imbalance of fats.

For example, 60% of saturated fats and 30% of unsaturated fats, which is very common given the high consumption of meat in our society, accompanied by the low consumption of unsaturated fats such as that found in nuts, peanuts, avocado or olive oil.

And if we add to this the terrible way that cattle and other farm animals are fed / and that end up on our tables), our health would be worse. , the best thing you could do is:

Eliminate or minimize your consumption of trans fats present in processed foods, fried food, margarine and typical cooking oils. Increase your consumption of healthy fats, as I said: mani, nuts, avocados, almonds, olive oil, salmon, coconut oil, olives and flaxseed.

4. Start the habit of becoming more interested in the ingredients of the foods you buy.

Read the labels and their ingredients (those that come back or sides, NOT the ones that come to the front) and avoid all those foods with these types of oils … … and incidentally, all those foods that bring sugar or some other type of sweetener, such as high fructose corn syrup.

Minimize the Scrap It is necessary to make this very clear: we are not robots or animals that do not mind eating the same thing every week.

We have some taste buds well demon possessed and therefore we need to have a variety of flavors and textures every day.

We live in a time where there is an infinite amount of tasty foods that are not necessarily healthy, and neither are you going to never eat them again (you do not have to be so delusional) but you have to try to minimize them and leave them for special occasions.

To create a food of envy during the days of the week treats that the food “junk” or “unhealthy” stays for the weekend, special events or only from time to time – but always in moderation.

To me for example, I love pizza, ice cream, and roasted potatoes, but it does not mean that I eat them every 2 days.

I leave them for special occasions or for weekends as a reward or “trap food” (but not cheating days), in order to satiate the desire I may have (although often I do not have) something sweet or unhealthy.

Good to leave these kind of meals for occasions where you eat out of your home.

As I said in a previous article, the main thing would be to have a controlled environment (or virgin) in your house and leave all that other food for environments and occasions that you can not control as much.

This practice will improve your food greatly and you will realize that this type of food is not that necessary at the end of the day.

That is why it lowers junk food to a minimum and leave it only on sporadic occasions.

Enjoy life but always taking care of your body. Improve Your Culinary Side Last but not least, there is the culinary aspect of all this.

5. Learn to cook or improve your culinary skills.

Just before I came to Europe, I took an express course on cooking and for simpler than it was I learned many things.

Types of food cuts, cuts of meat, types of cooking, mixes that can or can not make and of course fast recipes that any beginner who does not know how to turn on a kitchen could do with some practice.

No one is born learned, and we all start with something, but it all starts with the first step, and that is, venture further into the kitchen.

You can do what I did and get yourself into a cooking course, it’s worth it, especially if your partner is the one who goes by cooking every day.

I hope you implement these steps, gradually and gradually begin to experience a great improvement in your nutrition, health, encouragement and of course in your physique.

If you want a free weight loss kickstart, you can claim it here. See you!

25 weight loss tips

25 Fat Burning Tips You Will Not Regret

25 Fat Burning Tips You Will Not Regret

25 Fat Burning Tips

In less than a month you can get rid of 5% of your body fat. Do you accept the deal? Well, now you have to change some habits.

1. Go for a run

Doing exercise under sunlight increases your potential to burn fat by 20% by increasing the production of leptin, a hormone that controls how the body accesses the energy store (or fats).

2. Drink lots of water

Sometimes hunger is confused with thirst.

3. Stay overnight at home to see a series of humor

A 15-minute session of hilarious laughter can make your energy consumption increase to 280 calories in a week.

4. Choose, whenever you can, the essential products.

Especially bread, rice, and cereals.

5. Not to go with the salt

It retains liquid, abuses without remorse of the spices.

6. Go to the beans

Researchers in California have found an enzyme in red beans that helps lose weight by preventing carbohydrates from being deposited as fat stores.

7. Get up early to jog, or exercise

Some studies have shown that getting exercise early helps to burn fat faster. During these sessions, a kilo is lost before any other time of day.

8. If you wake up with cock crowing, have a coffee before your training

An espresso boosts your energy, but caffeine also makes your fat stores have a higher bioavailability to burn fat when you start sweating.

9. Mix water with lemon or orange juice

With this method, you will reduce the temptations of taking sweet.

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10. Take a food containing Omega-3 fatty acids every day

Nuts, vegetable seeds or bluefish.

11. Replace your usual after-lunch training for an hour at the pool.

Burn 420 calories, almost the same as a Big Mac.

12. Grapefruit inhibits fat storage

13. Chives metabolize carbohydrates

14. Learn to cook

A recent study showed that 67% of men thinned more easily when preparing their food.

15. Turn off the TV while you dine

Some studies show that men who eat dinner at the table and not with the tray on their lap watching Family Guy or Boardwalk Empire, lose about 3.5 kg of fat a year.

16. Do not eat at the office table

If you take your time to get up, stretch your legs and eat out of your job, you’ll end up having about 250 calories less than those who eat and work at the same time.

17. Go home running

The perfect time to start a race is 6 pm, when your body temperature is at the top. The more you try, the more your metabolism will rise to burn calories during the night

18. Take three slimming foods

Grapefruit (inhibits the storage of fats); chives (metabolize carbohydrates by providing you with fuel). And the lentils (contain amino acids fat burners).

19. Lentils contain Thiamin-like amino acids

20. Indulge your meals with extra virgin olive oil

That way you’ll make sure you take at least one tablespoon a day.

21. Breakfast Oatmeal

They are very healthy and help control weight.

22. The tension increases and the nervousness is prolonged

Good news for the fat burners. A high heart rate will raise your metabolism through the clouds.

23. If you are going to eat a good pasta dish, watch the sauce with which you will accompany it

24. Salt of stroll

You will not burn much more calories running fast than going at a turtle’s pace. Of course, running burns more calories per minute, but if you want to reassure you’re bad conscience, taking a spin is the solution.

25. Your Diet Does not End Here

Continue working every day by visiting our Nutrition and Weight Loss sections.

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes that many many smart albeit stubborn women make and thus not able to lose weight is that they overcomplicate things. With weight loss, often times, simplicity is best.

And if you are very serious about losing weight, you must try a Free weight loss kickstart, nothing to lose, and all the world to gain.

25 weight loss tips



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