Never ever ever give up

Never ever ever give up t-shirt

I think my training trip started when I was about 12 years old. A teenager You can blame my dad for that. During childhood, my brother and I were hooked on the chips. And I remember that Dad was preparing his version of some healthy chips for us. In the holidays we were all taking long walks by the sea, in the mornings. He also made sure to take our serving of fruits and vegetables every day. That is the history. When I became a teenager, I made my own rules. I even started spending time in the kitchen, preparing some easy recipes (roast potatoes, soup, tortillas). Of course, I started training at that age, and I really enjoy a healthy lifestyle because it gives me energy and confidence.

There is a time when I am so tired and I lose hope, but I always return to the right path. Everyone should be smart enough to choose a great way of life. To avoid giving up, you should find out more about why they are doing it.
Never ever give up t shirt

Exercise for a healthy lifestyle
For the most part, people exercise because they want to lose weight. If you are one of them, I tell you this: you will get bored too fast! The results can not be seen immediately, but you are getting closer every day. Anyway, you should exercise for much better reasons. The main reason is their happiness, because physical activities cause us to produce endorphins (a hormone of happiness). When you exercise, you are working on your muscles and this helps you carry heavy objects (baby, grocery bags, plants). It also helps us fight stressful situations (and everything is so fast nowadays) and decreases the risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. A great fitness trip also leads to better sleep. And sleep brings us bright skin.

fitness trip

Choose the right time for your training trip
Well, obviously the best time is in the morning when you’re cool and your body and mind are about to wake up. Can you find a better way to do that than exercise? And if you need to get up early to get up (I do it because my son is awake at 6.30), I recommend that you make plans for your meal the night before. Meaning: breakfast during the night, slow-cooking lunch and easy dinner. My favorite breakfast during the night is oatmeal with everything! You can always eat fruit and peanut butter. Another good time for physical activities is late in the afternoon. I exercise around 6 p.m. Sometimes, and it feels so good to relax after a very energetic play time.

Oats during the night

Healthy eating and detoxification
This never gets old and some things never change. It’s time for you to start your own training trip as soon as possible! Do you want to look beautiful and want to feel energetic? You should eat that kind of food and drink a lot of water. That really is not difficult, and it sure is not expensive. If you use meal planning (like me), it’s easy to stay in shape and can help you not throw away your money. Along with water, smoothies are a powerful weapon. You can chop them and also hydrate your body. Some fruits (such as grapes and lemons) help you fight fats and it is a great green light to include them in your diet.

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