5 Ways to Firm Up After Slimming

5 Ways to Firm Up After Slimming

Flabby Skin After Slimming Lowering your weight and seeing the results of the great effort you’ve made is one of the best motivators out there.

The week the week you did exercise, you improved your nutrition, you added some healthy habits to your life and FINALLY, see the results.

But Oh-Oh …

On the one hand, the clothes leave you much looser, you have the energy to spare, and you feel much better about yourself … but you notice that now you have flabby skin that hangs on some parts of your body.


What happened?

Is it going to stay this way forever?

Am I going to have to operate to get rid of this?


Today I will tell you the reasons why this happens, how you can reaffirm the skin and some tricks that will allow you to eliminate this problem.

Why does the skin become flabby after losing weight?
What you must first understand is that the skin is probably the most stretched organ in our entire body. As we grow, the whole skin becomes more elastic at the same time as it is regenerating, a process that is affected by the way we treat our skin and our body in general.

When we lose weight, and especially when we lose weight quickly, we give our skin very little time to adapt to the new shape that your body now has, resulting in that “surplus” skin you have now.

Also, if you lost weight through a restrictive diet where you did not give a good balance of nutrients to your body and did not moisturize well, the result may be skin more flaccid than you expected.

How to Firm Up After Slimming

As I told you before, you do not need to be depressed for this. Your skin is a living organ, and as such, it will eventually adapt to the new body you have now, and to speed up this process, here are several tips.

1. Lose Weight With Calm – woman-exercise

Those strict (and crazy) diets that lastly limit your intake of certain nutrients, coupled with long and excessive exercise routines, can contribute to losing not only fat but muscle, which will affect the quality (and elasticity) of your skin.

As I said before, the best way to lose weight and allow you to keep it for life is where you incorporate healthy habits little by little, so that you and your body are adapting to the new lifestyle. Depending on your dedication and your abilities this may take more time, but it is the most effective way to achieve lasting results.

So, lose weight, so you do not lose more than 2 kilos per week (and that’s enough), but the ideal to prevent flaccid skin, is from half to 1 kg per week.

Also, make sure you do not do thousands of hours of cardio (my recommendation is no more than half an hour) and focus more on strength and intensity exercises that will help you strengthen your muscle tissues (as opposed to losing them).
If you’re not used to doing weight-lifting exercises, you can start with body-weight exercises.

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2. Make sure you stay hydrated

drink water
The old saying of taking 2 liters of water per day is not a myth. To maintain and improve the elasticity of your skin, make sure you stay hydrated all the time.

How much water exactly should you drink?

The rule of 2 liters per day is elementary, but ideally, you take 1 liter of water for every 30kg of body weight you have.

So if you have 90 kilos, then try to drink about 3 liters a day. If you have bad hydration habits, see it improving gradually. Do not try to take that 3 liters of a single.

Otherwise, you’ll think you’ll never get it.

Start by having a bottle of water near you, at the desk, in your living room or in your car, and be sure to accompany your meals with a good glass of water.

Remember that not only can you keep your body hydrated with water and tea, you can also help with the fruits and vegetables you consume throughout the day.

Needless to say, soda, fruit juices and energy drinks do NOT count ?

3. Limit Exposure to the Sun

The sun is the best (and almost unique) source of vitamin D. There is nothing better than going out and having our lunch under the sun.
BUT … Too much exposure to the sun can damage your skin and make it more flaccid than it already is.

Besides this, do not even think about going to one of those artificial tanning booths. Not only does it look horrible (in my humble opinion) but it will affect the health of your skin much more.

Extra Tip: If you also suffer from dry skin, you can take advantage of the power of food and apply this cream based on natural ingredients.

4. Add Lean Protein to Your Diet

By making sure you consume lean protein sources every day (especially if you exercise), you are helping your body to create muscle tissue, which will help you look more toned by strengthening the inner tissues of your skin.

Also, by eating high-protein foods like turkey, salmon, eggs, cottage cheese and legumes, you will give your body it’s good 2 components that will keep your skin strong and elastic.

Also be sure to give your body a good dose of protein after your strength training since what you give your body in the next few minutes to train, will influence a lot on how your tissues will recover.

Sometimes the easiest and most practical is to take a protein shake, it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare it and you make sure not only to consume a good source of protein but a good source of carbohydrates, both will help you recover faster and give you energy.

How much protein should you eat? Very easy. If you are a woman, do your best to consume one serving of protein per meal. If you are a man, 2 servings. One serving of protein equals the palm of your hand. Simpler could not be.

Do not Forget About Fruits & Vegetables Many of the diets that have come out in recent years that in some cases give results faster than normal, do so through diets where the consumption of some nutrients (for example, protein) increases and Decreases that of others (such as fruits and vegetables).

Terrible mistake. Learn this: A diet that restricts consumption of fruits and vegetables is not a good diet, and you should NEVER follow it. Not only should you make sure you eat vegetables and fruits every day (yes, fruits too!), You should try to consume up to 10 servings per day (not the usual

5). And for the record, one serving is a medium fruit/vegetable or half a cup of chopped fruits / vegetables.

This optimal consumption of vegetables and fruits will ensure an ideal intake of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water (as I told you earlier ), which will not only help you to burn fat in a healthy way, but will help you to keep your skin firm and healthy for a longer time.

To End, I am sure that when implementing all these tips, you can reaffirm the skin after losing weight. However, I give you an extra tip: Have patience.

You lost weight, and with good luck, your lifestyle changed for the better, now just be sure to follow these tips, and you will see that your skin will adapt your new body. When will this happen? It depends a lot on your body, your age, your gender and how well you take care of your body.

Therefore, be patient. Of all these tips, I recommend that you pay special attention to the first one.

I know what you would like to find out how to lose all the extra weight you have with minimal effort and from one day to the next but it is not the healthiest way to do it.

If you want to lose weight, change your habits slowly. Learn to improve your diet, to hydrate properly and to improve your level of physical activity as the weeks go by.

This will help you:

1. Adapt your mind to the new way of life. Adapt your skin to the new body you have. Do not fall into a rebound effect when you “finish” the diet.

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5 Ways to Firm Up After Slimming