5 Night Exercise Secrets to Lose Weight

5 Night Exercise Secrets to Lose Weight

A great way to lose weight is exercising at night.

Whether you go to the local gym to lift weights or just take a walk around the neighborhood, you’ll burn calories to help your weight loss goal.

Getting the proper nutrients when you train at night is very important. Many people are not sure if they should eat at night before exercising. Combine some basic exercise strategies with some diet tips, and you can lose weight fast by exercising at night.

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Eat a portion of serum protein before going to the gym or other exercise activity. When serum protein is digested very quickly to give your body a supply of amino acids, which repair muscle tissue. Fifteen to twenty grams of protein will have ready your body to build muscle and burn fat.

Do resistance training to burn more fat. Weight training burns fat while you’re exercising, and also increases your metabolism rate for up to 48 hours.

Night training can help relieve stress and relax after a long day of work. Since the body repairs muscles while you sleep, training at night can decrease muscle soreness the next day, given its proximity to bedtime.

Add cardiovascular training to your routine, right after your resistance exercise. The author of “Combat the Fat,” Jeff Anderson calls this “super cardiovascular exercise” because it directly targets body fat.

Or you can add extra cardiovascular exercise sessions at night to increase fat burning. Cardiovascular exercise is cumulative, so you could do one short session in the morning and then another at night instead of doing a long exercise.

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Make sure you get some nutrition for after exercise. If you exercise and then go to bed without eating something, your body will not have nutrients to repair damaged muscle tissue.

If you do weight exercises, take 30 to 50 grams of protein, 60 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of healthy fats. For cardiovascular exercises, you do not need extra carbohydrates but keep the proteins and fats, which will help the body repair itself and burn more body fat.

Stretch well after exercising at night and spend some time sitting still and practicing deep breathing before going to bed so your body can go into sleep mode.

Experiment with the amount of time you need to be drowsy. Make sure you have at least seven or eight hours of sleep to recover correctly.

Having an insufficient sleep will inhibit the body to burn fat and build muscle, and the lack of sleep will also minimize your energy for the next day, especially if you stay up late exercising.


If you suffer from insomnia before starting to exercise at night, exercising may exacerbate the problem.

It is essential to make adjustments along the training planning, it is great to lose weight but getting enough sleep is imperative

5 things to do at night to lose weight (and they are not eating less)

We want to lose weight quickly, but what we must do is change our habits, especially the night. We suggest what to do before bed

It’s very easy to get home and hop on the couch desperately to see our favorite series or devour any app with fictional content, but if you want to lose weight, you must change your habits from this night and restructure everything you do to change and lose weight.

Not only is it a matter of taking care of your food at dinner time, which is also very important to not take extra kilos, but there are a series of “rituals” before going to bed that will help us get rid of that unwanted weight that bitter our life.

Food you should not eat at dinner:

Prioritize salad

Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day if you want to lose weight. We tell you which ones you should not take before going to sleep

Night training

How lazy to put on exercise at night, right? In addition, many will think that doing so at that time will activate them and cost them more sleep, but fortunately, it is not so.

A survey conducted by the US National Sleep Foundation found that between 56 and 67 percent of people performing physical activities at night slept much better, regardless of when they did the exercise.
In addition, performing physical exercise at night will relieve your stress after a long day at the office.

Running for 20 minutes increases the production of endorphins, which has been sweating the accumulated tension after a hard day at work. It may seem that running day and night is the same, and the truth is that it is so if we are practicing the same sport, but the conditions change and we have to prepare.

Prepare the food

Eating out can become very expensive and nothing healthy. Food in restaurants contains more than twice as many calories as should be consumed in a single session according to a study conducted in the

Archives of Internal Medicine, so eating out becomes a negative choice if what you want is to lose weight. Prepare your menu at night before bed, rationalize portions and make a healthy lunch for noon.

Drink a lot of water

A team of German scientists has shown for the first time that, as popular tradition asserts, drinking water slims.

The research, conducted at the Charité University Clinic in Berlin, and published in the June issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says that water intake reinforces the effects of a slimming diet.

Drinking half a liter before bedtime will help you lose 500g without making any kind of effort.

May the darkness take over you

Make sure your bedroom is very dark. Melatonin is a natural hormone that secretes the human body and reaches its highest levels at night due to the absence of light.

It fulfills a fundamental sleep induction function for our biological clock. Spanish scientists have found that consumption of this hormone helps regulate weight gain because it stimulates the appearance of “beige fat,” a type of cells that burn calories rather than store them

Regulate the thermostat

According to data from the British National Institute of Health, maintaining the ambient temperature at no more than 19 degrees Celsius helps eliminate 7% more calories than if we let ourselves be guided by the classic 21 degrees.

You will not freeze, and you will get your body to see the need to burn fat to keep your body temperature within normal. In addition, according to another study published in ‘PLoS ONE, holding a shower under ice for just 30 seconds radically activates our brown fat (a type of fat that we have and that makes us lose weight) to the point that we could burn 400 calories extra while we sleep.

“Be sure to stick your head under the tap: in the back of the neck and shoulders is where more brown fat is stored,” Edward Lane recommends in Men’s Health.

Night Exercises for Flat Belly

Would you like to have a flat belly without leaving home and without spending much time? Do not miss this excellent nighttime exercise routine to achieve the belly you so desire.

To have a flat stomach and look a more stylized figure you no longer have excuses.

No need to have hours of free time, enroll in a gym, learn sophisticated techniques or buy expensive machines. Working the abdomen and getting a flat stomach is a task that you can do easily at home, without investing much time and taking advantage of for example the night hours in which you will surely have no commitments.

With the following workout routine you will be able to start a very simple work to get a flatter abdomen and fight the localized fat that affects us so much in this area of the body. Obviously to see the results it is very important to be frequent with the exercises and supplement them with a healthy diet.

Nocturnal exercises to work your abdomen and get a flat belly

As what we are looking for is to achieve a flatter belly and eliminate that accumulated fat that does not allow us to meet our goals, the idea is to focus on working the abs and exercise frequently. Keep in mind that the more muscles in the abdomen you commit, the results will be more effective and visible.

1. Abs in a straight position:

To perform these abs you should stand in a straight position and with the tips of your fingers you flex like wanting to touch your feet but not bend your knees. At first, you may not touch your feet, but the idea is to stretch your fingers while doing your abs.

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Night Workout Routine for a Flat Belly

2. Sit-Ups:

These types of sit-ups may require a little more effort, but they certainly give us excellent results. To put them into practice you should lie on your stomach and put your hands on the back of your neck to have a checkpoint. Accommodate your feet in an object, so that you can hold your feet while lifting half torso and head to work the abs in reverse.

3. Elbow to alternate knee:

To continue with your routine you should lie on your back on the floor, with your hands on the back of your neck so that your elbows are wide open. Then flex the right knee to the chest and insert the elbow of the opposite arm while raising another leg stretched to 45 degrees. Repeat on the other side and do at least 15 repetitions per leg.

4. Hip lift:

Again lie on your back with your legs stretched so that you form an “L” with your body. Place your hands behind the back of the neck for a checkpoint, contract your abdomen and begin to raise your hip about an inch off the floor.

Make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed while doing this exercise. Slowly lower and perform about 15 repetitions.

5. Arm and Leg Raise:

To finish your exercise routine to get a flatter abdomen, lie on your stomach with your body stretched from hand to foot, so your arms are stretched tightly over your head.

Contract the abdomen and start raising your right arm and your left leg at the same time. Try to hold this position for a few seconds and then do the same with the opposite arm and leg.

I hope you implement these steps, gradually and gradually begin to experience a great improvement in your nutrition, health, encouragement and of course in your physique.

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5 night exercise secrts to lose weight