25 Fat Burning Tips You Will Not Regret

25 Fat Burning Tips You Will Not Regret

25 Fat Burning Tips

In less than a month you can get rid of 5% of your body fat. Do you accept the deal? Well, now you have to change some habits.

1. Go for a run

Doing exercise under sunlight increases your potential to burn fat by 20% by increasing the production of leptin, a hormone that controls how the body accesses the energy store (or fats).

2. Drink lots of water

Sometimes hunger is confused with thirst.


3. Stay overnight at home to see a series of humor

A 15-minute session of hilarious laughter can make your energy consumption increase to 280 calories in a week.

4. Choose, whenever you can, the essential products.

Especially bread, rice, and cereals.

5. Not to go with the salt

It retains liquid, abuses without remorse of the spices.

6. Go to the beans

Researchers in California have found an enzyme in red beans that helps lose weight by preventing carbohydrates from being deposited as fat stores.

7. Get up early to jog, or exercise

Some studies have shown that getting exercise early helps to burn fat faster. During these sessions, a kilo is lost before any other time of day.

8. If you wake up with cock crowing, have a coffee before your training

An espresso boosts your energy, but caffeine also makes your fat stores have a higher bioavailability to burn fat when you start sweating.

9. Mix water with lemon or orange juice

With this method, you will reduce the temptations of taking sweet.

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10. Take a food containing Omega-3 fatty acids every day

Nuts, vegetable seeds or bluefish.

11. Replace your usual after-lunch training for an hour at the pool.

Burn 420 calories, almost the same as a Big Mac.

12. Grapefruit inhibits fat storage

13. Chives metabolize carbohydrates

14. Learn to cook

A recent study showed that 67% of men thinned more easily when preparing their food.

15. Turn off the TV while you dine

Some studies show that men who eat dinner at the table and not with the tray on their lap watching Family Guy or Boardwalk Empire, lose about 3.5 kg of fat a year.

16. Do not eat at the office table

If you take your time to get up, stretch your legs and eat out of your job, you’ll end up having about 250 calories less than those who eat and work at the same time.

17. Go home running

The perfect time to start a race is 6 pm, when your body temperature is at the top. The more you try, the more your metabolism will rise to burn calories during the night

18. Take three slimming foods

Grapefruit (inhibits the storage of fats); chives (metabolize carbohydrates by providing you with fuel). And the lentils (contain amino acids fat burners).

19. Lentils contain Thiamin-like amino acids

20. Indulge your meals with extra virgin olive oil

That way you’ll make sure you take at least one tablespoon a day.

21. Breakfast Oatmeal

They are very healthy and help control weight.

22. The tension increases and the nervousness is prolonged

Good news for the fat burners. A high heart rate will raise your metabolism through the clouds.

23. If you are going to eat a good pasta dish, watch the sauce with which you will accompany it

24. Salt of stroll

You will not burn much more calories running fast than going at a turtle’s pace. Of course, running burns more calories per minute, but if you want to reassure you’re bad conscience, taking a spin is the solution.

25. Your Diet Does not End Here

Continue working every day by visiting our Nutrition and Weight Loss sections.

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes that many many smart albeit stubborn women make and thus not able to lose weight is that they overcomplicate things. With weight loss, often times, simplicity is best.

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25 weight loss tips