10 fast Ways for Tummy Lowering

10 fast ways for tummy lowering

Almost anyone who wants to lose weight is obsessed with the first thing that grows and the last thing that disappears.

Belly. Many who have ever tried to lose weight have inspired their actions in a bulging stomach, or rather not having one.

And is that a flat stomach is a great source of trust for many, at the same time that can be the source of much misery or at least embarrassment in others.

I like to see more of a health issue, as lowering the belly quickly reduce the risks of many diseases. In fact, a large belly is a common indicator of health risks. But we can solve it, let’s see how …

10 Ways to Lower Your Tummy Fast

Here are some ways you can implement to start seeing results, use the ones you want, or use them all.

1. Remove or minimize as much sugar as you can

Sugar contains empty calories. It will give you energy, but no nutrients or fiber. It’s the kind of calories you do not notice, it’s those imperceptible calories that at the end of the day or week will add up to hundreds, maybe thousands.

But also sugary foods will trigger your insulin levels, a powerful hormone for fat accumulation that promotes the special accumulation of fats in the belly.

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2. Avoid liquid calories

Liquid calories are all beverages that contain calories. They may be milk or fruit juice, but so are soda and sports or energy drinks you drink. Liquid calories are processed by the body while requiring minimal digestion.

This calorie spike anyway is an excess of calories that your body usually accumulates as fats. And as soon as they accumulate in your belly you will really feel hungry again.

It´s like sugar you will not even notice how many calories you consume from your drinks, and how many of them will go to your belly. If you want to drink something Drink water…

3. Understand how a combination of fat, sugar, and alcohol affects the metabolism of fats

You have to understand that this combination will react in your body in the worst way. It is the ideal combo to accumulate fat in the stomach.

When consumed together, or at least two of them are present, your body will increase its tendency to accumulate fat. Simple, and unfortunately effective.

4. Not having breakfast will make it harder to lower tummy

This is not another nice way of saying that you please have breakfast as your mother would tell you. Research shows that if you skip breakfast you actually increase your tendency to accumulate fat in the belly. Breakfast is essential, because after many hours of not eating, this food sends the message to your body that you are not going hungry, so do not trigger the mechanisms of fat accumulation.

It is quite the opposite, at breakfast you are giving your body the signal that it is lit, that it begins to burn fuel (food).

If you do not eat your body, you will have the slightest opportunity to switch to a mode of fat accumulation, and once this has happened, lowering your belly will be a much greater undertaking than it should be.

So do yourself a big favor and get up 15 minutes early, not an hour or two, fifteen minutes before breakfast for something healthy, will you?

5. Have 5 meals, or 3 main meals and 2 snacks

This is like assuring your body that you will have a steady and consistent food supply. Your body not only will not activate the mechanisms of fat accumulation but will do the opposite and keep your metabolism running at its best.

The irony of this is that your body will be able to lower your belly quickly if you eat every three or four hours.

The warning, of course, is that you eat healthily. Because if you eat foods dense in calories what was first a trick now will be a dagger in the back and you would be doubling the number of calories, fattening the belly instead of lowering it.

Digestion is a process and requires a lot of energy, and by eating regularly, you allow your body to be more efficient by burning calories.

6. Sleep 8 hours every night

One would think these are old and outdated tips. Having breakfast, sleeping, eating … but actually getting the right sleep for your body every day is extremely important if you want to eliminate belly fat.

You can eat well and exercise daily, and so on and so do not lose weight if you lose sleep.

7. Sleep less than six hours, and instead of losing weight you will begin to gain weight.

All bodies are different, as are our daily activities and lifestyles. But you should get enough sleep based on all of the above.

The common thing is that the number of hours that are needed varies between 6 and 8 hours. Be aware of the binge of the weekend

8. Many people are extremely careful with their diet and are diligent with exercise throughout the week.

And so on and cannot lower their tummy. Reason can be hidden behind the binge of the weekend. It is okay to indulge and eat one or another tricky meal on a Saturday night or a Sunday, but if that food contains all the calories you have saved in the week, all the effort will have been in vain, at least to lower it. belly.

9. The discipline of the week is spent at the weekend.

Or at least watch the amount of what you eat on the weekends. Look for foods that are not calorically dense. You probably saw it coming, but you will not lower your belly with beer, hamburgers, pizzas, chips, and tails.

You really have to eat healthy to lower your tummy naturally. It is not a whim of nutritionists and specialists, it is what works.

It is not obligatory to finish the whole dish Contrary to what is said you do not have to finish your whole dish if you have been satisfied before. Of the one hundred percent of your level of being satisfied, eats only 80%.

The portions today are excessively large, and the tendency is to eat everything on the plate regardless of our level of satiety.

Try smaller dishes, or if you go out to eat outside eat half of what they serve you. You may be eating calories you do not need …

10. The combination of good diet and exercise will double your speed to lose weight.

If you just diet you are missing out on an immense opportunity to lower your tummy. And most likely, as soon as you finish, you begin to regain lost weight.

The solution? Eliminate the concept of diet from your mind and install the one to eat healthier while at the same time you increase your levels of activity.

You do not have to move to the gym to get it, simply by increasing your activity levels compared to the current ones and you will be getting improvements over time.

And since if you apply and plan both, a good exercise program together with a good diet plan, there is where your tummy will shrink as fast as it is healthy, twice as long as if you just diet, and with permanent results.

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I hope you implement these steps, gradually and gradually begin to experience a great improvement in your nutrition, health, encouragement and of course in your physique. See you!

10 fast ways for tummy lowering