10 All Time Best-Selling Fitness Must Read Books


9. The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

our Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier You!

The revised edition includes 100 new exercises!

The Big Book of Women’s Health Exercises is the essential training guide for anyone who wants a better body.


As the most exhaustive collection of exercises ever written specifically for women, this book is a powerful tool that gives form to the body for both beginners and amateurs of physical activity for a long time.

This book contains hundreds of useful tips, the latest findings in exercise science and cutting-edge training from the world’s best coaches

Endorsed by the authority of Women’s Health magazine, this updated and revised edition presents 100 new exercises in 20 workouts designed by BJ Gaddour, the Fitness Director of Men’s Health magazine, and 1,350 photographs, showing the movements of each muscle and training plan for that matches every physical condition Goal.