10 All Time Best-Selling Fitness Must Read Books


2,100 Asanas from Daniel Lacerda

The Complete Yoga Poses


The most complete collection of yoga asanas that has been photographed, and the first to categorize an impressive 2,100 yoga postures.

This beautifully designed book is a must for yogis of all levels and all practices.


2,100 Asanas is a catalog of poses and modifications without precedents, meticulously designed.

It is also a beautiful work of art, which shows the beauty and athleticism of the human form.

Each photograph presents an expert yogi who performs the pose perfectly.

The aesthetic is clean and modern.

The book is organized into eight main types of poses: standing, sitting, central, quadruped, backbends, inverse, prone and supine, and further broken down by families of positions that progress from the easiest to the most challenging.

Each posture is accompanied by the name of the pose in English and Sanskrit, a description of the modification, the point of Drishti (gaze), the affected chakras and their benefits.

Daniel Lacerda (Mr. Yoga) is a long-time yoga practitioner, teacher and entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people, including TV celebrities and Olympic athletes, learn to practice yoga to stay in shape and relax.

He serves as an ambassador for Lululemon and Nike, and has appeared in Men’s Health. Your company, Mr. Yoga Inc. is a global brand. He lives in Toronto, Canada.