10 All Time Best-Selling Fitness Must Read Books

Shut Up and Run from Robin Arzon

An ultra marathoners and running trainer captures the energy and joy of running in this illustrated guide of interactive full-color fitness motivation that will be inspired by all types of runners, from beginners to experienced marathon runners, to be quiet and run.

Running is not just an activity, it is a lifestyle that connects runners to the world around them, whether they are hitting the pavement of crowded streets of large cities or traversing paths through forests and tranquil fields.

Reflecting the excitement, color and focus of the running experience, Shut Up and Run offers tips, tricks and visual motivation to help each runner cultivate miles of sweat, laughter, arrogance and friendship.

Combining an exercise manual, a training program and a book of self-help tips in one, this magnificent four-color book, full of anecdotes and impressive action images, and backed by inspiring graphic quotes, contains essential training tips for each level, including meditation and visualization techniques, that address the body and mind of a runner

Robin Arzon offers unique style tips and practical equipment recommendations to help you showcase your best things mile after mile, and tells you everything you need to know, from how to choose the best running shoes to how to get off that couch and go.

No details are left to chance; Shut Up and Run is packed with information on every aspect of the runner’s world, from equipment and music to training for half marathon and post-race recovery tips.

Robin includes space at the end of each chapter to track your progress as you progress through your first marathon or other ongoing goals

Designed to help readers find information quickly and easily, loaded with practical advice, style and attitude, this practical guide, written by a runner corridor, makes it clear that to succeed, all you have to do is close your mouth and run!